> Welcome to my Cyberspace Plot

I go by the pseudonym dyoxin, a heterographic variant of the word dioxin. Truthfully, there is little meaning behind the name, I thought it sounded cool, and there was a TLD to match it. I enjoy building computers, and tinkering with unix-like systems. Outside of the digital world I enjoy long walks on the beach my hobbies include photography, urban exploration, and baking. I love trying new things, we've only so long on this cosmic rock after all. Feel free to have a look around. Shoes at the door please, make yourself at home.

Site Info Center

  • About - meet the dyoxin. Other info that doesn't quite fit on this page
  • Dream Journal - a log of all the dreams I can remember. Writing dreams down helps in remembering future ones
  • Links - a page containing sites/tools i find useful, usually nerd stuff. What the web was built for
  • Motd - music of the day. (updated when i feel like it, not daily)
  • Onion - mirror of this site hosted on the tor network (dark web), ooo spooky
  • Secrets - I can neither affirm, nor deny the existence of secrets within this webpage

Hi, my name is Dejit!

Please click on me so I can grow :>

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Webmaster's Digi-portal

  • 1 - ye olde candle
  • 2 - shelf company and friends
  • 3 - green potted lifeform
  • 4 - illumination shrine
  • 5 - tasty looking plant
  • 6 - transcontinental communicator
  • 7 - high precision input device
  • 8 - language input machine
  • 9 - air vibration generator
  • 10 - high density light screen
  • 11 - light ray digitizer